Ruby Zoisite

This combination is known as Ruby Zoisite in the gem trade, and is occassionally also called Anyolite. Tanzanite is a very popular jewelry gemstone, faceted into all different gemstone cuts. Thulite is an inexpensive stone used for cabochons and beads.
The Gemstone Zoisite
Zoisite is a mineral that includes several gem varieties. The most important and well-known is Tanzanite, a sensational blue gemstone. The variety Thulite is used as a minor pink gemstone. A variety known as Ruby Zoisite, which is green Zoisite associated with opaque red Ruby (and often black amphibole streaks), is used as a carving gemstone as well as a minor gem. The term Zoisite is rarely used on its own in the gemstone trade.
Tanzanite and Thulite each have their own dedicated page.

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