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Where Is It From? Labradorite Meaning

The meaning of this stone comes from the location in which it was first found, as it was named after Labrador in Canada. It is also found in Finland, Greenland, Scandinavia, Russia, Italy, Madagascar, Mexico and the USA. The Finnish stone is called Spectrolite, and is slightly different as it exhibits the full range of colors.

There is a clear yellow variety called Golden Yellow Labradorite and although it is commonly known by this name, it does not exhibit any of the play of colors common to others in the family.

The yellowish stone that does have labradorescence is quite unusual and may be called Fire Labradorite, and is available as jewelry that is very beautiful and quite unusual.

The normal Labradorite stone is commonly blue, blue-green, lavender-blue, or yellowish, and can even be pink or purple. They commonly display a mixture of these colors within the stone, with the beautiful labradorescence, this play of amazing colors, throughout these stones.

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  1. Anny Lenardo 2 months ago | Reply

    My favorite Stone.. Labradorite is believed to be a powerful protector that shields the aura, prevents the energy leakage and the others from draining the personal energy of the owner.
    Great Post

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